200 Hour Yoga Alliance certified ONLINE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING

Join our international community and become a professional yogateacher! 


200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training 

Mindful Positive Yoga  / Yoga Alliance Certified


3 Month Training ENGLISH –coming soon Start 2023 

Your professional yoga teacher training with experienced teachers and a worldwide community.


Become an international certified Yogateacher…

For the first time you can now attend your 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training online while still having all the benefits of an Offline Yoga Teacher Training.

We offer you personal assistance, experienced well-skilled teachers and an international community.

Since 2011, we have taught in more than over 20 Yoga Teacher Trainings and accompanied more than 500 new teachers on their very own personal yoga journey.

Due to our profound experience in the online teaching sector we are able to offer you a very professional and profound Online Yoga Teacher Training which can fit to your schedule while still studiying in a supportive community.


How it works

  • After your application is reviewed and your are accepted for our training you will get your log-in details for our Online Training Portal and our Live Calls.
  • Here you will find all material needed including: videos lessons, downloadable PDF’s and Workbooks for your training.
  • We will start the training with an introduction call where we will show you everything you need to know and also get to know your community – your fellow trainees and teachers.
  • Every month there will be a new module unlocked in the Online Training Portal.
  • We will have a Live Video Call every week on Mondays at 4.30 pm CET +1 and there is also a slack channel where you can ask us all your questions 24/7.
  • You will also have a trainee-buddy for the whole time of the training.
  • There is a Christmas break from 2oth Dec 2022 – 3rd Jan 2023.


What you get at our 3 month training: 

    • ON demand videos practical and theoretical that you can work through in your own time
    • Vinyasa Yoga Flow videos for your own practice – downloadable
    • PDF worksheets
    • PDF Asana Manual to print or fill out online
    • Monthly send-in-homework and feedback
    • 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Certificate
    • Online closing ceremony 
    • 6 Month Access to all training material
    • Booklist that can be read during and after the training

Overview of our 3 month training

The 3 months are divided in 3 modules. After completing each module there is different homework that you will send us in and get a feedback. 

Every week there is a live-call where we will have Asana Classes, Live Q&A’s or different topics. If you cannot attend there will be a replay for you to watch afterwards.

In Modul 1 „Roots“ you will learn all about the basics of a modern vinyasa flow yoga practice like sun salutations, asana groups and more. You will also get a first insight into yoga philosophy and anatomy.

In Modul 2 “Rise“ you will get deeper knowledge of the structure of an intelligent sequenced yoga class and the correct allignment of yoga asanas for different body types. You will also deepen your yoga philosophy and anatomy knowledge.

In Modul 3 „Blossom“ you will learn how to teach yoga on- and offline.
You will deepen your knowledge as a yogateacher and what makes a good yoga class. You will learn how to create yoga classes in your unique way.

Our exclusive Bonus Modul „The Digital Yoga Teacher“ will give you profound insights of the Business of Yoga, Teaching Yoga online, Online Teaching equipment and more.

After the 3 month you will complete your assesment which includes: an online yoga class and a theoretical part and you will get your  200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Certificate.


Meet your teachers:

Nicole Dechow
Founder  Soul & Yoga
Experienced Yoga Teacher & Yoga Business Mentor since 2007

E-RYT Yinyasa Teacher

Kundalini YogaTeacher, Golden Bridge, CA

Ayurveda and Reiki Therapist  Holistic Health Coach, Online Business Mentor

Nicole is the founder of Soul & Yoga and direcotr of the international yoga training academy.

She has been teaching yoga for more than 14 years internationally and is really grateful to studied with so many various and wonderful teachers p.e. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn, Sharron Gannon and many others.

Nicole strongly believes that we all carry an individual potential inside of us and knows that we can strengthten and get more access to it through the practise of a mindful and joyful yoga practise.


Daniela Mühlbauer
Experienced Vinyasa Yogateacher, Dance Artist

 Daniela is a german yoga teacher, dancer and choreographer.

In 2012 she graduated from her professional dance training of the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich.

Through her yoga practice and her first teacher training with Soul & Yoga she discovered a more loving way with her own body.

Since 9 years she is now  passionately teaching yoga and dance in Munich, Germany. In the meantime she graduated in more than 800 Hours of  Teaching Vinyasa, Asthanga and Yoga Therapy. She is also teaching workshops and retreats internationally.

Her yoga classes are creative and dynamic and are influenced by her passion of music and flowing movements. 

And Guest Teachers 

“Nicole’s experience and love of yoga shines through in her teachings and classes. Her classes are gentle yet extremely challenging, both to body and soul. I was so happy with the teacher training Nicole offered, as her spirit and peacefulness were so wonderful to be around and I look so forward to any future experience or retreats with her!”

Maya, California

„Throughout the whole teacher training Dani and Nicole have always been giving me a feeling being safe and positive. I have always been feeling taken care of and at the right place during my teacher training. I am so grateful for it. I would always book a teacher training with Soul & Yoga again and can only recommend to do so if you are thinking about it.“
Dimitra, Switzerland

What makes our 200 Hour Online Training so special?

  • You will learn from international and experienced teachers in a safe environment
  • We always focus on your personal development and transformation as a yoga teacher and as well as a human being
  • Due to our long online experience you can trust that you will get the same standards from our Online Training that you would get in an offline training
  • You have the ability to choose a payment plan that suits you 

    This training is for you if you want to

    • Understand and learn about the different aspects of Vinyasa Yoga and yourself
    • Discover your potential and voice as a yogateacher
    • Teach Vinyasa Yoga in a safe, mindful and modern style
    • Learn how to teach Vinyasa Yoga on- and offline
    • Understand how to combine the modern allignment-focused Vinyasa Yoga with the ancient traditions
    • Understand how to create and implement a spiritual practice into your modern lifestyle
    • Learn in a safe and supportive environment from experienced teachers
    • Be a part of an international like-minded community

    Overview of our 3 modules 

    Modul 1 - Roots

    Yoga Asana Basics

    Sun Salutations and variations

    Asana Groups

    The Role of Breath

    Meditation & Pranayama

    Vinyasa Flow classes 

    Intro Yoga Philosophy

    Intro Yoga Anatomy & Allignment

    Modul 2- BLOSSOM

    Diving Deeper – Yoga Asanas

    Allignment & Adjustments in the different Yoga Asana poses

    Structure & Sequencing of a yogaclass

    Meditation, Pranayama & Mantras

    Vinyasa Flow classes

    Restorative Yoga classes

    Diving Deeper – Yoga Philosphy

    Diving Deper – Yoga Anatomy

    Modul 3 - SHINE

    Teaching Yoga 

    Cueing & Sequencing

    Your role as a Yogateacher

    Vinyasa Flow classes

    Yin & Restorative Yoga classes

    Advanced Asanas

    Mindful Business

    Bonus Modul - Digital Yoga Teacher

    Times are changing. Nowadays it’s equal important to be able to teach yoga online and offline. This will open many possibilites for you if you start it in a professional way.

    This is why we created our Bonus Modul for you with the following topics:

    • Step-by-Step Plan on how to teach yoga online
    • Camera training 
    • The differences of how to teach yoga online
    • Equimpent List
    • Entry into Online Marketing Possibilities

    Application process:

    After choosing your payment plan please fill out the application form and clcik on Apply Now.

    After being approved within the next 24 hours you will get a PDF training agreement that you can easily sign online with all the data and your book list.

    After signing the contract and sending it back to us your space is confirmed. You can start with the book list and 1 week before our training starts we will send you all the necessary data and links to start the training with us. 

    There is a Christmas break from 20th Dec 2022 – 3rd Jan 2023.



    „I had the great pleasure in attending the Soul & Yoga teacher training.

    Not only did it exceed all my expectations in the course but found the whole process very rewarding and truly transformational that I stayed on to do the advanced trainings. Nicole teachings are inspirational, the way the course is outlined through the core structure and the physiophys of yoga.“

    Bettina, Switzerland

    Application 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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    Still have questions? We are here for you! Just book your free call or chat via What’s App Messenger with us!  




    Which certificate do I get after the 3 month?

    After sucessfully completing the training you will get your certificate from the International Yoga Alliance which is world-wide accepted.

    Which language is the course material?

    All course material is in english. However we also offer a german-speaking training. Please visit the german training site for more information.

    What happens if I get sick or go on vacation during the course?

    No worries. If you ever get sick or go on vacation please contact us and we will reschudule your timeline and assessment dates.

    How much time should I schedule on a weekly basis for the course material?

    We suggest to plan around 5-7 hours per week for the online course material and learning assignments. On top of that you will have your own yoga practice and our weekly live calls. There is a booklist that you should go through in the 12 weeks of the trainng.gelesen werden muss. 

    When and where will the live classes be?

    Our live calls will be held in a zoom meeting room and are scheduled every monday from 4.30-5.30 pm CET+1 

    Can I also access the course at a different time?

    If you wish to attend the course at a differnt time please reach out to us at info@soulandyoga.com