Nicole Dechow

Founder of Soul & Yoga – Positive Mindful Yoga
E-RYT Vinyasa Teacher
Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Golden Bridge, Los Angeles
Holistic Ayurveda Health Coach

Nicole is the founder of Soul & Yoga and the director of the International Teacher Training Academy.

She came to yoga early in her life and has been teaching yoga for over 11 years now.
In 2009 she traveled and lived in India for 3 years to deepen her yoga and meditation skills and learn more about herself.
In Her classes she is able to bridge between the Eastern and Western traditions in a modern way. She was fortunate and is very thankful  to learn from many great teachers as Gurmukhi Kaur Khalsa, Seane Corn and many more.
Nicole believes that we all have an individual potential inside of us and that we can find and strengthen it through the joyful and transformational path yoga takes you on.
She also writes and produces her Yoga and Mindful Living blog Soul & Spirits where she is trying to make a small or bigger contribution to a loving, mindful world every day.