“The attitude of Gratitude is the highest form of Yoga” @Yogi Bhajan

Oh how I love my gratitude list – it’s my personal tool to change my vibration and apply the law of attraction. Every morning when I wake up while having a cup of coffee or matcha latte I type at least 3 things in my gratitude list. I become present in the moment and pick whatever is there inside of me that makes me feel grateful.
I have my gratitude list on my phone because I travel and move a lot and it has become handy for me. I also journal but that is more for my creativity and progression. But my gratitude list has become my favorite these days.
It’s a simple law – the more you have to feel grateful for the more you attract things you feel grateful for.
Today I wrote these 3 things down:
-I am grateful to wake up and hear the sound of the ocean.
-I am grateful for the all the yoga students who have their final assessment today (and came all the way to Goa to study yoga with us here at the Soul & Yoga Training Academy, could sneak in that I feel so grateful that yoga moves people physically and vibrationally.)
– I am grateful for feeling the fresh morning breeze on my skin.

What do you feel grateful for today? Write it down, make it a habit and attract more things to be grateful for. You deserve it.

Love, Nicci