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Melissa, Los Angeles US


Kim, Mallorca Spain

“My experience at Soul and Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training course taught me a incredible number of things. Nicole helped to build a safe space for our group to really learn about yoga and ourselves. Although we each had our own challenges and trials to deal with, the group was really supportive and Nicole inspired all of us to reach for our own potential. She is a really wonderful teacher, full of passion and the incredible ability to share the joy of yoga. I can happily say that I was given the skills to begin teaching yoga and also the interest to continue learning myself.”
Tara, USA

“It is incredible how a person with love, passion and dedication can change the perception of an activity… Nicole showed me a different form of living my life now any form of yoga is my aim. Yoga is the light of my life it is my lifestyle and the way to feel blessed, fulfilled and enlightened. Thanks dear Nicole”
Merlyn, Spain

“I have done the teaching course in January 2013 in Goa, which was incredible. I practiced Yoga now and again but only since the course I fully understood what is really behind it! In summer 2012 I had a hip operation as I split my labrum. My doctor said I shouldn`t do extremes for at least 8 month – so he didn`t give me permit to go to India. As pain kept going, I decided to go after only 6 month after operation but informed Nicole about my conditions before.
The day I arrived in Goa I met Nicole and her first question was how is your hip this showed me already so much about her being and she and all other teachers were caring during the whole course. In the end, the Yoga was so good to my hip body and soul and since then I would say I am rarely in pain and practicing daily makes it better and better. In addition to Yoga I started running and not afraid to hurt myself anymore. I believe in whatever condition you are, Yoga will help you. Thank you ever so much, Nicole.”
Bettina, Switzerland

“Nicole’s experience and love of yoga shines through in her teachings and classes. Her classes are gentle yet extremely challenging, both to body and soul. I was so happy with the teacher training Nicole offered, as her spirit and peacefulness were so wonderful to be around and I look so forward to any future experience or retreats with her!”
Maya, L.A., USA

“I joined Nicole on her detox retreat in Portugal. It was a beautiful, rejuvenating experience. For me it was the perfect way to recharge my energy which was so depleted from a busy life and to get back in touch with myself. Nicole has such a natural joy and earthiness about her and she exudes this into every moment, every asana. She is an incredible teacher and I can’t wait for another course with Her in the future!”
Jessie, Australia

“Yoga used to be just a nice way to end a work out at the gym or spend an early morning. It was only after I started practicing at Soul&Yoga that I truly understood its power and importance to finding balance within yourself and staying grounded. These classes are the perfect mix of yoga, mediation, and the nuggets of wisdom about people and life will touch you. Beautiful people, beautiful music, beautiful energy – Nicole, Goa is lucky to have you!”
Elizabeth, USA

“With great pleasure I remember a wonderful Yoga Detox Retreat in Goa 2011 with Nicole. The class was great, nice people, gorgeous eco resort directly at the beach, bio food, massages, trips, … You are a wonderful Yogini and Teacher. Love coming back & looking for next retreats with you, in India and elsewhere …”
Claudia, France

“Hi there, I had the great pleasure in attending Soul & Yoga teacher training January 2014. Not only did it exceed all my expectations in the course but found the whole process very rewarding and truly transformational that I stayed on to do the advanced trainings.
Nicole teachings are inspirational, the way the course is outlined through the core structure and the physiophys of yoga.
She brings in aspects of Kundilini, Yin, Hatha, 8 limb Ashatanya, Subtle bodies, Chakras systems, Pranayama, Nidra, Mediations, Chanting and of course Vinyasa yoga.
I had been looking for a long time to find a yoga course that brought in these all aspect of the full union of body mind and sprit.
And I have at last found that with this coarse.
I have no hestiation in recommending this course to furture students, that are looking for that little bit extra and to be nurtured in finding not only your true path but to be guided in finding the true you.
All the very best for you journey.
Emma Guthrie, Melbourne, Australia