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Hi there Soulmate

by mostly teaching in Yoga Teacher Trainings for the past 3 years I met many beautiful souls and saw amazing transformations happening.
In every single training it amazes me how powerful the transformation is and how powerful the tools of yoga meditation and selflove are.

We all have it in us, the same seed, the light – I call it love.
Some realize and nourish this seed – love itself – more and others don’t.
In a Yoga Teacher Training you connect to your true self, the seed of pure love inside of you.
Not only do you study yoga in full intensity but you actually study yourself.
You go back to the basics, you meet ends, you cross boundaries, you experience sides of your true self you haven’t meet in a long time. You have support from a group and your teachers and at the same time you have never been closer to yourself and aloneness.

I see the changes in the students lifes after this powerful and transformational time. I see the light in the eyes.
I see the beautiful teachers coming out of the trainings, ready to take full responsibility for their lives and share their experience with others.
I hope to see more light in more eyes!
If you want to know more about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hamburg, Germany and Goa, India check here

With so much love and gratitude for the beautiful people and their transformation that is part of my life,



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TOP 5 Ayurvedic Detox Tips

yog 1

Top 5 Ayurvedic Detox Tipps for everyday

These simple but effective methods will not take much time off your day but will add an amount of sparkling health

1.Clean your tongue
Start your day by cleaning your tongue after brushing your teeth – get one of the tonguecleaners from your healthstore close by. They are cleaning the toxins(in Ayurveda they are called ama) that are elimanet by your tongue overnight and keep them from getting into your system
2. Drink Hot Water and Lemon
Before having anything else have a glass of hot water and lemon in the morning – this will wake up your metabolic system and maybe your colon as well, but it will definetly clean your system of toxins
3.Light a candle for your dinner
Watch your surrounding and emotions while eating. The way we are eating, in a hurry, with destructive thougths or honoring our bodys and the food creating a loving environment has a huge impact on the absortion of the nutritions and the digestion of our food.
4.Make your own vibrational food
This is my favourite.. I used to love this one restaurant in India where the food is just amazing, it feels tasty while looking at it, eating it and afterwards. When asking the owner what his secret is other than using organic homegrown veggies and less gluten etc he said our cooks chant mantras while cooking the food. Aha.. so if you feel like singing in the kitchen do it – otherwise try listening to some mantras or your favourite music while preparing you food – PURE LOVE.
5.Triphala –the Tridosha Balance
Take 1-2 Teaspoons of Triphala Powder everyday. It clears your intestines, balances the 3 Doshas and also clears you off radiation from cellphones computers etc.
I personally love the Organic India and the Patanjali ones – if you can take the taste powder is better than capsules.

Get your doshas going,
with Love and Bliss

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Yamas and Niyamas – Yoga in Action

We all know them, we all heard of them… but how do we apply them in our daily lives?
This week we had a beautiful presentation at our Yoga Teacher Training by our trainees presenting a Yama or Niyama without using words. And I am so inspired by it!(more on our Teacher Training Programs on
The trainees were using their creativity to apply a given Yama or Niyama like Satya (Truth), Aparigraha (Non-Attachment) into a short 5 minute play without using words. (Credit goes to our beautiful Philosophy teacher Kashmira)
It was a wonderful mix of Creativity, Asanas, Dance, Expression, Grace, beautiful set up and most important Inner Presence and Intention.
Transporting a message from inside out.. I cant tell you how beautiful it was and how it is touching your heart. They were living and vibrating that Yama with every cell of their body.
So I was thinking what would happen if we really live our lifes bringing into our awareness and presence the Yamas and Niyamas? Wouldn’t we automatically live them out in our words actions and thoughts? Instead of putting them from outside to the inside we turn it around -we breath them in with every cell, take them in and then apply them from the inside out.
We can start one at a time! I am picking Asteya (Non-Stealing or Generosity) for today.
Asteya makes me feel like doing the right thing. Doing something meaningful. Doing something good. Being of Service.
Asteya to me means not taking more than I really need from this planet. So no waste of food or resources. Being aware where my products of everyday consuming come from. It also means acknowledging other peoples time by coming in time and not stealing their time. Lets see what the day brings up more!
What is your Yama for today?
With Love, Nicole



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How to Keep Up with your own Practice

In our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training we always talk about the importance of keeping up your own practice.
Cultivating your own Sadhana and the importance of it.
Or as Yogi Bhajan would say: KEEP UP and you will be kept up!
As we are keeping up connecting to our higher self to our full potential, to the divine, to God to existence our source or however you want to call that sacred space we will be supported and guided.
We will take actions, live and teach in alignment with our core values.

So how to keep up with your own practice in our busy day-to-day life?
On a day when there is a full to-do-list, you got out of bed with the wrong foot, your child is sick, your spouse not at home and the day is just too short to fit it all in?

yog 1

Here are a few things that work for me and I hope they will be helpful for you too:

You know it -the hardest thing sometimes is to unroll your mat and really get on it.
Have a dedicated space in your home for your Yoga and Meditation Practice. Leave your Yoga Mat, your Meditation Pillow, your Mala and whatever you need to create a sacred space outside.
If you have the luxury of a separate room wonderful.
Don’t remove it (ok you can roll up the mat sometimes but leave the pillow, Ganesh Statue, Mala or other traces of your sacred space) and make it a habit to visit your sacred space everyday for whatever time you have -even if it just 3 rounds of Sun Salutations and a 5 minute Meditation perfect!

One of my favorite parts of the house (hotelrooms, yogashalas etc.).
Make little Altars with whatever is sacred or important to you. It could be anything that reminds you of the connection to your higher self.
I like to put pictures, statues (Ganesha, Buddha, Krishna…) seashells, poems, gemstones, flowers, candles. Make it an art, make it fun, make it your own unique altar. And trust me no Home is too small to make an altar. If you need proof come to India!
Whenever you look at your altar or spend some time in front of it lighting a candle you are instantly connecting to your higher self or a place of peace and love within yourself.
It is not about worshipping somebody else or a religious practise it is about acknowledging the highest part of yourself, everything on the altar is just a symbol.

We are one – we are all connected we are all each other’s teachers and students.
It doesn’t matter how much and how long you are teaching never give up your student status – go to yoga classes, workshops conferences and immersions with an open heart and mind. Stay inspired (children are very good in that one!)

You can wear a Gemstone mala that is balancing your Chakras or you can wear anything that is sacred for you (your grandmas ring, a simple string tied to you in an altar). It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it reminds you of your connection to your higher self. You will be vibrating that frequency of peace and love and attract more of it. I love wearing Malas because they are close to the heart center and I do believe in the effects of stones and crystals.

With Love and Keep Up,


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Shoonya Ga Navel Consciousness Workshop with Gesu Aftab at Soul & Yoga Goa

SG Navel Foundation Workshop e-flyer

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Green Smoothie “GOA COLADA”

Here is a receipe of one of my favourite Morning Smoothies in Goa. Yummy and simple.

The pineapple and coconut will give you a healthy hydrated skin, while pineapple helps leading out extra water of the lymphatic system.

Serves 2-4

1  medium-size cut Pineapple

1 -2 frozen Baby Bananas (depends on the sweetness of the pineapple, less sweet more bananas, more sweet less bananas)

125 ml young coconut water

1 teaspoon Wheatgrass powder

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Yoga Teacher Trainings and your Full Potential

This morning while having a delicious green juice just around the corner of our Yogashala I had a very beautiful conversation with one of my dear friends on skype ( thank you fantastic internet for letting us connect from even small coffee shops in goan villages with hens and cows in front to friends all over the world) about why to take our Yoga Teacher Training if you don’t even know if you want teach Yoga.
And I can tell you after many Teacher Trainings half of the participants don’t know if they really want to teach afterwards, well at the beginning… .

I experienced it myself I witnessed it in many teacher trainings: every learning process is only of value if in the end it brings you closer to yourself. And I mean your true self not self that we show to the world or that others see in us. Yes that infinite, shining, beautiful true self that you know is there, somewhere deep hidden under all these layers.
So why is it so important to get closer to yourself or discover yourself and your potential? It is simple: Because that is what you came here for to this world, you came here to shine, to share your unique gifts with this world. That is it. And nothing more. Just yourself.To be of service of yourself. To give to the world your true powers and potentials. To serve this world with what lets you shine and makes you happy.
Sounds great haaa? It feels even better!

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A few reasons for taking the Soul & Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


Are you in love with Yoga?
Do you want to share your passion of Yoga with all the others outside there?
Do you want to do every day what makes you happy and serve humanity?
3 YES and you are so ready to take our Soul & Yoga Teacher Training …

So how do you decide in this jungle of Yogaschools and styles which one is the best for you?
FOLLOW YOUR HEART.. LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.. see and feel what excites you.

Of course look for professionality, look for a Yoga Alliance registered school, look for experienced, loving and open-minded teachers.

I can with my full heart assure you that all this you will find in our 200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa.
Our Trainings combine a solid and safe foundation for Teaching Vinyasa Yoga under the guidance of Advanced Teachers aaand  we will give you that little extra hinch of connecting to your true potential :) .

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