Nicole is the founder of Soul & Yoga. She is a dedicated and experienced Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Coach and Ayurveda and Meditation Expert.

Nicole is known for bridging the eastern philosophies with our modern western traditions. She is passionate about helping her students discovering their full individual potential.

She has always been on a search for something higher and more meaningful in her life which brought her to yoga and meditation early in her life. She was fortunate to study with many inspirational teachers along her path like Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Sharon Gannon, Seane Corn etc. In 2009 she took a complete break from her life and went to India on a 6 month discovery of yoga, spirituality and herself. It changed not only her outlook on life completely but also the way she is living and sharing it now.

After spending many years in Goa, India and travelling the world she currently lives in Germany from where she continues to travel to spread yoga and spirituality around the world.

"Love and community are the essence of our being. We have a sense of belonging inside of us, we only start living by living with love, we crave union and we truly are the creators of our own reality. Yoga is love and yoga is union – our essence."

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Rising Strong Brene Brown

"Brene Brown is one of my favourite authors and speakers. This book is all about the process of Rising Strong again after falling down. Her claim for vulnerability and how we can grow by being our authentic self makes my soul scream YES all the time. Must-read.

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