So I have been on a detox for 10 days in the last 2 weeks and I can absolutely say I
feel lighter in my body and more free in my mind afterwards.
I know there is so much going on my life on a daily basis that from time to time I need to take extra some extra space for myself and letting go of unwanted things and toxins in my life.

If you ask me “detox” is a word that is used in way too many forms and varieties in our modern society.
What it really means is eliminating toxins out of your life.
That includes your body, your mind and yes – your life. There is no real use of just detoxing the body when you have the same toxic thoughts in your head or toxic environment around you.
For having a good result when being on a detox program I recommend not only changing your diet but also identifying toxins in your life and if possible working on eliminating them. This can be toxic habits like checking your smartphone before going to sleep, going out of the house without breakfast and also toxic environments like relationships that no longer serve you or a workspace full of electro smog. I know this is not an overnight thing and also not done in 10 days but the first step is becoming aware of it. What makes you feel good and what does not? Start there and go in baby steps. You got this!

So a 10-Day Detox is just a start but there is also a lot you can do already in 10 days.

Here I share with you what my personal detox plan looked like and some tips for you.
I am not a fan of strict rules, because if you are just a little bit like me, unconsciously we like to break them.
Also everybody is so different and I believe in honoring our individual self first.
But definetly we need guidelines and a plan to start detoxing our life.

General Guidelines:
– 100 % plantbased diet (including nuts and seeds)
– no refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine and gluten
– raw until noon ( I prefer juices and smoothies)
– Matcha Detox Lemonade everyday (you can find the recipe already online)
– as many greens as possible
– make time for meditation, yoga and being in nature
– journal your thoughts
– less social commitments

Daily Superfoods
-turmeric (capsules or liquid extract)

Breakfast suggestions

-green smoothie
-green juice
-acai bowls
-raw fruits
-miso soup (when its colder)
-nice cream (when its warm)

Lunch suggestions
-same as breakfast
-salads in all varieties

Dinner suggestions
-salads in all varieties
-raw soups
-steamed vegetables with rice
-sweet potatoe oven fried

Detox Tuesday #soulanddetox
Because it is such an important and huge topic I decided to start a Detox Tuesday on my blog. I am so exited for this, are you in?
So every tuesday I will share with you tips and recipes around “Detox your life”.
I hope this will inspire and guide you to start letting go of the things you don’t want and need anymore in your life as well as creating more space for the things you do want and need.
If you have any questions, tips or recipes send them all over or post them her in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #soulanddetox.

Please also have a look at the “5 Ayurvedic Detox Tips” you get by signing up for the Soul & Yoga newsletter – if you already receive the newsletter but don’t have the PDF file send me a note and I am happy to send them over to you.
Love & Happy Detox,