These days meditation is not only for the sadhus (ancient spiritual masters), yogis and freaks anymore. You hear professional athletes, business leaders and celebrities talking about meditation and how much it helped them overcoming difficulties in their life and living a more balanced and happy life.

We all live a busy life with a schedule that is filled for weeks, sometimes month and I know it can feel that you just don’t have enough time to sit still and “do nothing” but the truth is meditation is not taking time away from you infact it is giving you more valuable quality time.
There are many benefits of meditation such as overcoming stress-symptoms in the body, being more focused and productive but also meditation is a journey to understand yourself and life. You will make better decisions, you will feel better and be more aligned with your outside and inside world. If you want to set your day right start to implement meditation in your morning routine or how Russell Simmons says: “ I ain’t do shit before I aint meditate.”

Many people ask me how to start meditating:
So please set your timer on 5 (you can increase later) minutes. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Take as many pillows or blankets you need to elevate so your spine can be straight . You can even sit on a chair as long as your spine is upright. Relax Your Shoulders. Put your hands on your knees or into your lap. Close your eyes – wait before you do this – here are my tips to start a regular meditation practice:

1. Meditation journal
Keep a meditation journal. Just write whatever comes up in whichever form it suits you. I sometimes write a whole page, sometimes just one word. Its your own personal experience.
2. Meditation space
Have a committed space – so you know exactly where to go in the morning. If it’s a meditation pillow keep it in there. Maybe create a small altar or decorate it with small things that mean something to you. Check out – my friend Christina makes amazing travel altars.
3. Schedule it
Set an alarm in your phone, ipad, or your calendar to meditate. Everyday.
4. Meditation Technique
Find the meditation technique that works for you. A simple technique often referred to as breath awareness is wachting your own breath at the tip of your nose.When you become aware of your breath with each inhalation and exhalation slowly the mind relaxes and the thoughts stop. They will return but you can slowly train your mind to come back and become aware of your breath.
5. Be patient and compassionate with yourself
Always and just keep showing up in your meditation space. You ve got this.

I wish you the most beautiful meditation journey …oh and don’t mistake meditation with concentration – it’s the opposite . Meditation is relaxation.
Lets change the world one day at a time.

Love, Nicci