So I dedicate this detox Tuesday to my favorite superfood since forever.
The acai berry does everything I need, is so creative in combining it with food and I really do enjoy the taste. I also believe that if we really listen to our body, our body tells us exactly what we need and we actually crave and enjoy the food with the substances, vitamins and minerals our body needs at that time If we don’t put it full with sugar and processed food of course.
Açai bowl made with açai pulp

If you like to detox your body on a daily basis I highly recommend to add açai to your diet.
There are basically 3 forms I take in the acai berry when you don’t have the luxury of being in the amazonas and acess to the real berry– as pulp, as powder or as capsules. My favorite is the frozen pulp it makes amazing açai bowls and açai nice cream. You can also add it to juice.
If you follow me on snapchat you saw that Pomegranate-Açai juice was my favorite on Ibiza last week.
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Some of the benefits of açai berries:

1. Antioxidant
the berry is packed with antioxidants and prevents aging and heart disfunctions at the same time.

2. Weigth-Loss and Digestion
Açai can support you a lot if you want to loose some extra weight and improve your digestion at the same time.

3. Skin Health

Brazilians eat acai since centuries for helping skin irritation and a more healthy glowing skin.

4. Energy Booster
Acai gives you a lot of energy helps to fight fatigue and exhaustion.

So stuck up on açai berries in any form and get creative with your açai bowls, juices, deserts etc. If you need some inspiration check out my receipes on the blog here. Maybe next #detoxtuesday I will post some recipes here.

Love and hurray to detox your life, see you next #detoxtuesday

Açai bowl made with açai powder