Its Tuesday and as promised every tuesday we talk about ways to detox your life, body and mind.
Detoxing is a way to simplify and cleanse your life so you have more space to let your full potential unfold. Sometimes our life, body and minds are so full it simply feels overwhelming and we feel stuck. So with constant detox we creat change and make space for some magic to unfold. Yes to this.

Saltwater is literally what we are made of, our blood is salty, we consist of around 60 % water.
Also did you notice that when you cry tears -which is a cleansing of emotions- or when you sweat – a cleansing of the body -its both salty.
So saltwater is not only good for clearing your crystals, which is a whole different topic I could talk about hours another time…, no saltwater is an amazing element to clean your body of unwanted toxins and old energies and emotions. Some more benefits of saltwater:
– alkalizing the entire body
-vital for the nervous system
-prevents muscle cramps
-salt contains around 80 minerals that our body needs
-salt aids the cell communication and restoration

Of course jumping in the ocean every day would be the best but most of us who don’t live by the ocean don’t have that luxury all year.
While I was living in Goa, India, for some years I truly experienced the cleansing effect that the ocean and the salt water had on my body and also on my energy level.
We literally lived by the ocean and our yogashala was just a 5 minute walk away.
Every time I felt my energy out of balance,or I was angry,sad or anxious, or I was overwhelmed with all the feelings as a new mom or after a long day at teaching at our yoga shala I knew that jump in the ocean in the evening would help me clear everything. I would jump into the water and come out fully balanced and cleansed.
The moment you dive your head under water and float in the salt water is a moment of pure bliss, don’t you agree?
So being back in Hamburg, Germany, now I like to take sea salt bath on a regular basis especially when I know I have something to clean or I feel drained of energy, it always always helps. I like to add a few drops of essential oils to it to make it extra relaxing or recharging.
The best is seasalt in my experience but of course pink himalayan salt (which is rock salt) is really good too
Extra tip: put the salt in first so it can really dilute in the water.

Try it out and let me know what you think!
If you are in need for real ocean and beach time, come with me to St. Tropez or Ibiza this year and we dive together into the ocean and also meet on the yogamat- promise.

Love and yes life is a beach and we are all made of sandy feet, salty hair and shining souls,