Last night I arrived late in Hamburg coming from Dubai and India. So this morning I felt the jet lag kicking in a bi and needed a quick-starter into the day. I have to admit my kitchen is empty after being away for 5 weeks so I made this yummy, quick and refreshing breakfast.

Chia Coconut Cantaloupe:
-slice the Cantaloupe melon in half and remove the seeds
-soak chiaseeds with sliced almonds and cranberries in coconut milk for about 30 minutes (leave outside, not in the fridge)
-add some vanilla and cinnamon to the soaked chiaseeds
-put the chia-coconut mix into the cantaloupe
-add some toppings. I used pecan nuts and pistachios, which I picked up in Dubai 2 days ago, but any other nuts will do.

Enjoy your quick and healthy Breakfast.

Love and Sparkles,