Detox Tuesday: Salt Water

Detox Tuesday: Salt Water

Its Tuesday and as promised every tuesday we talk about ways to detox your life, body and mind. Detoxing is a way to simplify and cleanse your life so you have more space to let your full potential unfold. Sometimes our life, body and minds are so full it simply feels...
#DETOXTUESDAY  Açai – the detox superfood bomb

#DETOXTUESDAY Açai – the detox superfood bomb

So I dedicate this detox Tuesday to my favorite superfood since forever. The acai berry does everything I need, is so creative in combining it with food and I really do enjoy the taste. I also believe that if we really listen to our body, our body tells us exactly...
My 10-Day DETOX  Report

My 10-Day DETOX Report

So I have been on a detox for 10 days in the last 2 weeks and I can absolutely say I feel lighter in my body and more free in my mind afterwards. I know there is so much going on my life on a daily basis that from time to time I need to take extra some extra space for...
Happy Mothersday

Happy Mothersday

Sending out love to all the beautiful mothers out there who raise their children everyday with love, compassion and awareness. Being a mother has taught me an incredible number of things, it has made me strong and vulnerable at the same time, but most of all it has...