Sometimes you don’t want to change your entire diet, have long lists of do’s and dont’s or go on a 5 day juice fast.
But you still want to live a healthy and happy life, and you know your diet has a huge impact on how you feel on a daily basis. I got you, the good news – you are able to. Happiness is your birthright, as Yogi Bhajan said it.

I have put together some simple techniques that helped me along my path to live a healthier diet, make better choices for my body and have more energy for the things I love in life.
If you can implement 1 or 2 techniques in your daily life you are already awesome.

1. Raw until noon
Coldpressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of going fully raw try to stay with raw food until noon. That includes breakfast and maybe a snack or juice until noon. This is super healthy and easy to implement.
extra tip: If you like smoothies – try to make your own ones, the ready made ones from the supermarket can be a good replacement in no time situations but they are usually full of bananas and apple juice which means a lot of sugar as well.

2. Hot lemon water in the morning
Before you drink anything else have a glass of hot lemon water. It helps your body to get rid of toxins, aids your digestion and lets your skin glow. At the same time it wakes you up and tastes really nice if you add a little bit of honey to it.

3. Bad Sugar out
Replace refined white and brown sugar with coconut sugar, agave syrup, date syrup, jaggery or stevia.

4. Quality oils
Invest in good oils and get all the omega 3 and other good fatty acids you need. A good base for your kitchen:
Organic coconut oil, virgin olive oil, sesame oil and linseed oil.

5. Reorganize your fridge
we will eat what we see first – so put the good stuff right where you can see it when you open the fridge. Do not hide the fruits and veggies in the small basket all the way down at the bottom. Instead put them right in the center so you will see them at first sight.

I hope this helps you to make some healthier choices in your diet. And don’t forget – take it step by step and stay consistent.

Much veggie love,